When we look at creation we see various species and subspecies that God has created. For six days God was unfolding creation. Solar systems flowed from His fingertips, Gaseous superstars and black holes and galaxy after galaxy spread throughout the universe. Yet to date only one planet is housed with life teeming and glorious. Reptiles, amphibians, fish and mammals, birds and bugs all created by God for His glory and with a distinct purpose. But not one of them is given a day to themselves to be created. None of them were breathed upon by God Himself and none of them were declared to bear the image and likeness of God. God looked in a heavenly mirror and said I will make someone who resembles me. I am the model and the shape from which this crowning glory of my creation will come forth.

I don’t use a spoon to shovel snow and I don’t use a rake to create great works of art. Shoes don’t work well as gloves and hairspray does not work well as toothpaste. Everything has a created purpose and when created thins are doing what they were created, it is good. Spoons work great as eating utensils and paint brushes create great works of art and mankind was made for righteousness and holiness and not for sin and carnality. Mankind is at our greatest potential when we live in the will and purpose of God for our lives. When we reject God and His ways we bring pain and despair to ourselves.

I remember watching an Oprah show and was moved to the point of tears. I was never a regular watcher of the show and I was surfing and came upon this momentous event. A young man had set a house on fire and unbeknownst to him the occupant of the home was inside. It was a lady who was burned beyond recognition. There are a not a lot of things that make my knees itch, if you know what I mean, that feeling that comes upon you when your body says you’re going to be sick if you keep seeing what you’re seeing. For some, it is the sight of blood, or surgery or something that you have an aversion to. It was very difficult for me to look at this woman in her newfound state. She had made peace with not only her new appearance but was on the show to face the young man who had changed her life forever. She forgave him, had no ill will toward him, she embraced him and he wept in her arms, I don’t believe there was a dry eye in America that day for all who watched that show. She modeled God’s love, she was beautiful beyond words. You could tell by her speech that she was a Christian and that her concern was more for the perpetrator than for herself. What a picture of the cross.

We crucified Christ and He offers us forgiveness when we deserve judgment we get mercy and grace. When we live like this giving mercy and grace instead of condemnation and judgment, even though it is deserved we mirror the nature and character of God. God becomes seen in our actions and our deeds.