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Mama's Lifeline

Pregnant African woman in red dress holding her stomach

Many women around the world have very little access to the care they need. More than 800 women die every day from complications related to pregnancy or childbirth. That’s 303,000 women every year or 1 women every 2 minutes. A staggering 99 % of maternal deaths occur in developing countries.

The good news is that most maternal deaths can be prevented by providing women an opportunity to have safe, quality, respectful and equitable maternity care.

Beyond Border Ministries believes that every woman deserves the right to safe maternity care. We believe a healthy mother leads to a healthy family and a healthy community.

Our goal is to help women get the care they need so they can survive childbirth and flourish as mothers. We want to provide expecting mothers the necessary supplies and education needed to prepare them for a safe childbirth and beyond.

Most developing countries require pregnant mothers to arrive at a health care facility with all the supplies required for their delivery. Many mothers are unable to pay for these supplies and many times if they can make it to a clinic supplies are not available due to regular stock outs.

African woman holding baby while looking at him lovingly.

This is how Mama’s Life Project is going to help:

  • Provide mothers with a safe and clean birthing kit filled with the required supplies for delivery, but also bless them with a few extra essentials for mama and baby.
  • Organizing health classes geared to mama and baby wellness and general health.
  • Provide understaffed and under resourced community health clinics with needed support and supplies.

We want all of our work to reflect the faith and love that we have in Jesus Christ and point women and their families to a relationship with Him.

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