"And this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in every nation.” ~Matthew 24:14

Project Upgrade

A continual need for indigenous pastors is the need for the Word of God. Pastors are hungry for not only training in the word of God but also for materials to assist them in their study of God’s word. It is wonderful to teach the word of God to hungry lives but it is an even richer blessing to put resources in their hands so that they can dig out the truths for themselves. For many years we have dreamed of being a conduit to supply pastors with the resources they need to study God’s word. We have been connected with Christian Salvage Mission and their specific purpose is to provide quality bibles, commentaries, Bible study tools and Sunday school curriculum to pastors and leaders overseas who would otherwise have no access to them. We are partnering with them to send thousands of gently used spiritual resources to hundreds of pastors in Uganda, East Africa. If you feel a nudge in your heart to participate in equipping, blessing, inspiring and training leaders and pastors in East Africa, then let me encourage you to donate to this project.